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brutal beauty | BOOK RELEASE

brutal beauty book cover page

Today, I very quietly launched my first book, brutal beauty. It’s a collection of poetry that I wrote over the space of sixteen years. The poems are listed chronologically which gives a fun and intriguing insight into not just my personal growth and experiences during that time, but also the ways my writing evolved and changed. I can identify different influences that came in and out of my life, ranging from my friends, to music styles, to books that I was reading.

Some of the poems are silly. Some are funny. You can be sure there’s a truckload of bittersweet melancholy mixed in with the dark, the twisted, the sensual, and the uplifting.

I’m not sure the book will be to anyone’s taste. Does anyone even read poetry? I’ve had a few people on social media ask me how they can read more of my work and show their support. I have a few other exciting projects in the pipelines, but those will take more time, so I intend to keep this on the down-low until I have one or two more projects closer to launch. For now, at least I’ll have *something* to show those folks who ask.

brutal beauty PDF screenshot

A screenshot from brutal beauty

That means, if you’re reading this post, congratulations. You’re now part of a secret crew that discovered what I’m up to before I start promotion or marketing. If you feel like showing your support and think brutal beauty may be the kind of thing that speaks to you, click the button below.

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